Research Fund

NCAI Research Fund (RF) – Call for Proposals

The Research Fund (RF) is a project supported by HEC and implemented by NCAI to promote research excellence and novel ideas in AI and related technologies, and will fund to selected institutions/organizations/individuals based on competitive peer-reviewed evaluation of proposals.


  • Fund the novel ideas and projects in AI and related technologies
  • Provide public services and stimulate the research and development creating an impact in the society support initiatives, innovative research, and many other related programs
  • Stimulate collaborative/ inter-disciplinary research
  • Provide researchers with a platform to lead the nation in growing AI industry
  • Follow international trends in AI and seek solutions to the indigenous problems

AI Research Sectors

• Sectors covering UN SDGs

• Machine vision

• Computer vision

• AI in Embedded Computing

• Data Science/Mining

• AI in Market Analysis & Data Mining

• AI tackling COVID 19

• Medical Diagnosis using AI

• AI in Disease Treatment

• AI chip design/development

• AI in Business Intelligence

• AI in IoT

• Information Extraction

• Natural Language Processing

• AI in Security

• AI in Academics/Education Sector

• AI to Predictive Analytics

• AI in Aviation

• Deep Neural Network

• Cognitive AI

• AI in e-commerce

• AI for Social Media Surveillance

• Game theory & Strategic Planning by AI

• Hybrid Intelligent Systems

• AI in Control Systems (Industry/ Intelligent Control)

• AI to solve Social Problems (Population management & control/intelligent ballots etc.)

• AI in Environment Management

• AI in Robotics & Cybernetics

Key Features

  • Researchers/Individuals to apply through HEC recognized institutions only
  • Maximum Grant Duration: 2 years
  • Project should lead to commercialization
  • Max conditional grant is PKR 15 Million

How to apply: step-by-step

  1. Please click the below DOWNLOADS link.
  2. DOWNLOADS contain documents Research Framework/ Guidelines, Policy Guidelines and proforma for the research/project proposal, and budget
  3. Read the framework and policy guidelines file thoroughly
  4. Fill the research/project proposal form and budget sheet and email at
  5. For any further queries, please feel free to contact at

 Cell No. 03005805298

To Start with please click below link

Research Fund Application

Download Budget Form NCAI Research Fund

Download Proposal Form NCAI Research Fund

Research Fund Guidelines

Download NCAI Research Fund Framework Guidelines

Download Policy & Procedures of NCAI Research FundR